Organic Arrows

  • Your arrows flow through the space nicely, they compress & expand as they move away & towards the viewer. Also good work on drawing through the arrows.

  • I see few mistakes here

    • Your lines are very wobbly, are you drawing from shoulder? Make sure you ghost multiple times before placing the mark, so you get smooth lines.

    • Sometimes your arrows are not overlapping & because of that the shading is not doing it's job of conveying depth. See

Organic Forms

  • Nice work on keeping these forms simple & trying out their different orientations.

  • Again your lines are not smooth as we want, especially the forms(you've improved on them in dissections). Also sometimes your contour curves are not respecting the mouth(circle/ellipse) of these forms, they're supposed to show which side of the form is facing the viewer, this was explained in this image

  • The contour ellipses are sometimes not perpendicular to their minor axis, see You can also check the ellipses sections in lesson 1 again.


  • You've done nice work on using the cast shadows in these textures & there is gradual change from light to dark in texture analysis, though I think you can go ahead exaggerate the cast shadows a little more near the dark portion.

  • For most part your texture are wrapping around the froms in dissections. You could work on improving how you break the silhouette of these forms as most of these(yeah you've tried on few but still) are not conveying anything different & look same as the basic forms, see

  • Also these dissections, could use some implicit details with a focal point, to lead the viewer's eye around the drawing, if you want to, watch the video in that section again(

Form Intersections

  • These basic forms are consistent in the scene, without much drastic change to complicate it.

  • I can see that you doing great work on the intersections, there are some mistakes but you took note of them, so overall you've the gist of how these different shapes meet together. Good work!!! These are really to hard at first.

  • Also something you can keep in mind, sometime while you did the intersection for when a shape enters another shape, you forgot to do when they emerge out of them from behind(like with the bottom right cone & box in the last page).

Organic Intersections

  • For most part you've kept the forms here simple. And importantly you've are changing their shapes(from the basic sausage) because of their surface & how they're laid out.

  • I can see that you've attempted to use the cast shadow but sometimes they're not wraping around the forms when they're on top of multiple forms(like right one in first page).

  • Good work on drawing through your forms(if you've, because it's not clear at first).


You've followed the instructions for these exercises. While your lines are little wobbly, I think they improved quite a bit as you kept moving on. Though Keep doing those arrows & organic forms in your warm ups, they'll help a lot in future lessons.

You've completed lesson 2!