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3:58 PM, Monday October 19th 2020

Oh, my mistake - I had seen it but by the time I finished the critique I forgot about it, so thank you for the reminder.

Generally speaking I treat the treasure chest challenge as being an optional "extra final boss" after Lesson 7. It is optional, and once you complete lesson 7, you'll have earned the completionist rank. If you wanted to do it earlier though, I'd say that you should just have completed lesson 6 (with you have done).

9:29 PM, Monday October 19th 2020

okay i see, so its fine if i do the chest challenge as my next assignments? I just planned on taking a bit of a break from drawabox in-between lesson 7 if thats okay, since i wanted to maybe focus more on other art related content but i was interested in what the chest challenge offered so i want to do it right now

11:32 PM, Monday October 19th 2020

Yup, that's fine.

1:37 AM, Tuesday October 20th 2020

alright thanks again for the critique and clarification!

2:34 AM, Saturday October 24th 2020

hello sorry for the bother, i did ask this question in the discord but i couldnt really get an answer, in the chest challenge we arnt required to draw the circle ellipse thing if we are working on tradtional is that correct? i dont think the video for this explained how to draw the chest without the circle, im not sure if this is the correct way of drawing a chest but

i draw a normal box and then i extended the lines further (the green lines) and then attach red lines and connect it that way.

also when you draw the chest you start of by drawing the ground plane first, would it be find if i still used the 'y' method to draw the inital box?

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I would not recommend this for Drawabox - we use brush pens for filling in shadow shapes, and you do not need a pen this fancy for that. If you do purchase it, save it for drawing outside of the course.

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