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2:40 PM, Monday October 19th 2020

Thanks for the critque it actually helped me out a lot i think! i do think some of my textures ended up being flat looking and i wasnt thinking about everything in 3D, i was just more focusing on trying to get the texture to actually look like the texture more than anything, and i ended up relying on the negative/positive shapes. that makes a lot more sense though and i'll try to practice these a bit more and focus on the 3D aspects and drawing shadow shapes instead of lines! :)

im not sure if you saw my previous question (its ok if you didnt) but the treasure chest challenge i heard someone doing it after lesson 7, would it be more recommended to do it before or after lesson 7 or does it not matter? id definately want to do it right now but not sure if its more benefical to save it to the end.

3:58 PM, Monday October 19th 2020

Oh, my mistake - I had seen it but by the time I finished the critique I forgot about it, so thank you for the reminder.

Generally speaking I treat the treasure chest challenge as being an optional "extra final boss" after Lesson 7. It is optional, and once you complete lesson 7, you'll have earned the completionist rank. If you wanted to do it earlier though, I'd say that you should just have completed lesson 6 (with you have done).

9:29 PM, Monday October 19th 2020

okay i see, so its fine if i do the chest challenge as my next assignments? I just planned on taking a bit of a break from drawabox in-between lesson 7 if thats okay, since i wanted to maybe focus more on other art related content but i was interested in what the chest challenge offered so i want to do it right now

11:32 PM, Monday October 19th 2020

Yup, that's fine.

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