Just a suggestion for helping us with ADHD

2:51 PM, Saturday June 25th 2022

Us ADHD'ers are interest based learners, and that's something we can't properly control as our dopamine motor is either refusing to start or releases all the gas at once.

The reason why I say this is because I have found the lessons to be very helpful and useful as they are varied and novel when you do them.

However, the 250 box challenge is really repetetive in the worst possible way as it's the same thing for a long project.

Now I do appreciate the hard work we need to put into the lessons, but as an interest based learner, it's insanely difficult for me to even begin, so I just procrastinate against my will.

My suggestion for helping us ADHD'ers is simple; how about there was a 50 boxes times 5 challenge, with some other lessons peppered in between to make sure it's novel and exciting?

To specify what I am suggesting;

Instead of a 250 box challenge, it's a 50 box challenge which is followed by a different lesson, which is then followed by 50 more boxes until we have made 250 boxes?

We still end up with the same thing, but now the tedium of the boxes doesn't increase the difficulty of actually finishing it?

Yes, the 50% rule is probably the best thing to mix it up with, but there's something else when you are told specifically to focus on something else before doing another set of 50 boxes.

This is just my opinions of course, I do base this off what I've learned about my disorder, and I don't think it's a stretch to say that there are other ADHD'ers here who'd love to be given a helping hand staying focused.

I don't think it would be much needed either, just a "do this exercise from a later lesson" or "try using the boxes to draw pixel art" or something like that.

And I am not saying these extra lessons in between should be submitted with the 250 boxes, they should just be there to help break up the monotony which is kryptonite for people like me.

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12:45 AM, Monday June 27th 2022

I do get what you're saying, but the 250 box challenge is intended to be a focused period of - well, not grinding, because it has a clear end point, but focused exercise so that when students continue onto Lesson 2 and beyond, they've had a solid chance to kick their comfort level with the basic principles of spatial reasoning forward. As with the lessons, the challenges are included at specific points where they are the most effective.

As you stated yourself, the 50% rule is indeed the best thing to mix it up with - it's both there for the intrinsic value it offers for the learning experience, but also to break up the monotony.

That said, I will consult with one of my teaching assistants/illustrators who has gone through this course with ADHD and get her further opinions, as she comes in with the additional experience of having nearly finished the course (and thus can understand where the different lessons/challenges integrate into it) and has done so both with medication and without.

7:12 AM, Monday June 27th 2022

Thanks man, I do want to emphasize that it is just a suggestion and nothing more. Besides there's many different ways ADHD manifests and I'm more on the inattentive side of the spectrum (aka the space cadet).

Really useful for not getting brainwashed though.

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1:06 AM, Monday June 27th 2022

lifting weights for many sets helps because if i work hard enough i forget what im doing and can go back to the lesson.

i could help you too idk

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