Hello Embient, firstly I'd like to start off by saying congratulations on completing lesson 1.


  • Your lines are pretty solid, one thing to note would be that they are a bit hard to see cause it is in pencil (specifically in the ghosted lines and ghosted planes exercises).

  • There is some wobbliness so do keep in mind that you are looking for smoothness not accuracy


  • For the table of ellipses exercise, remember that the ellipses should be filling up the space they are in, but not go out of the table. In other words, they should be touching each other and/or the edges of the table.

  • For your ellipses in planes, it seems like you maybe didn't go over your ellipses 2-3 times like uncomfortable said in his video.

  • For funnels, the ellipses should turn into ovals at the middle cause they are getting narrower. These are hard for everyone though, honestly.


  • In rough perspective, your boxes are very hard to see, luckily the red lines are there to help.

  • Your rotated boxes look really good.

  • Organic perspective, make sure to keep in mind that as the boxes get farther away, they get smaller.

Really great work overall. Hopefully in the future you can do work in fine liner, because for some exercises, it was just a bit hard to see.