Hi Ameli. Welcome aboard, and congratulations on making it to the end of Lesson 1. I'll divide my critique up into tje same sections as the lesson itself.


This section is off to a very promising start. Your lines are, for the most part, confidently drawn without a lot of wobble or arcing, and no repeated or redrawn lines, so you've taken the core principles of markmaking to heart. There's the tiniest bit of fraying on the starting edge of some of your Superimposed Lines, and those early lines don't seem to have quite the same confidence to them that you demonstrated with later exercises, but that's just a sign of your improvement. You also deviated from your plotting dots a little here and there in the Ghosted Lines exercise, but (i) accuracy comes with time and practice, (ii) I wouldn't bring this up if you had more serious problems to address, and (iii) I can see that you're already developing that accuracy from your Ghosted Planes. (It might have been better for the critique if you had taken pictures of a clean version of your Ghosted Planes without any ellipses but this is not an issue with your drawing). Overall, great work. Keep this up.


Your ellipses are very even, and you're drawing through them two or three times as instructed. You are also doing a good job keeping them within the bounds of their boxes and funnels across all three exercises. There are occasional lapses but they're very rare, and the control you've shown here is very impressive, especially at this early stage in the course. The ellipses in your Funnels exercise are also, by and large, neatly cut in half by your minor axes. If I had one quibble, it would be that you could have shown a little more change in the angle of the ellipses as shown here https://d15v304a6xpq4b.cloudfront.net/lesson_images/26427b90.jpg so the ones at the middle are very thing compared to those at the edge, but that's fairly advanced. Again, this is really good work.


These are teh toughest exercises of the bunch, so it's no surprise that there's a couple more mistakes here, but you've still done a good job following the instructions. I have no complaints about your Plotted Perspective exercise. Your Rough Perspective exercise was also good, but your linework was a little less confident here. I know you can draw very confident lines, so my advice is to take your time and ghost out every line. It's laborious work, but it makes a real difference. That includes plotting your starting and ending points, which should also help you keep your edges parallel/perpendicular to the horizon line, as a noticed quite a few of them slanting.

The same issues are present in your Rotated Boxes, but the bigger problem is that some of them aren't rotating properly, especially in the corners. Remember that the "front" of the box will look thinner in each dimension as it turns away from the viewer so the sides should slant more and more towards your central axes as you go out. This is a real issue, but this exercise is meant to push you beyond your current level, so don't sweat it and just bear it in mind in future constructions. (You could have also used somee hatching lines to improve readability like in the demo video, but this isn't strictly a mistake.)

The linework on your Organic Perspective is closer to your earlier standard, but I'm seeing a couple of redrawn lines. Remember we aren't aiming for perfection, and it's better to just work through mistakes for the purposes of these exercises. Otherwise there was no problem here.