Partial Lesson 1 Submission (1 / 10 exercises)

1:39 AM, Tuesday October 6th 2020

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Hi! i'm starting with the boxes excercises, do you think would make any diference if i dont use rulers? here in clip studio paint seems i don't have rulers, and the only way i have to make straight lines is with shift+touching the tablet, it's a little annoying, so i'm trying to make some guide lines, then made the boxes just with the information that the teacher gave us (with 2 vanishing point we have only 2 planes convergin to the points, while the other plane it's straight or going to the infinite, probabbly will make 1 sheet more before enter with the 3 vanishing points because looking at the sheet i made the big box on the top layout got pretty distorted because the right line it's not straight and the line above it it's a little going down and is not following the vanishing point guide, happening too in the lower layout with the most big box of the top looks like a little off, but in general i think i'm applying correctly the mindset, thinking on each vertex are colliding from 3 vanishing points and i think it's the most important, no? :(

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