Hey there, I will be handling the critique for your lesson 1 homework!


  • Starting with the superimposed lines, you are doing a good job at staying at a well-defined initial end, and keeping all the fraying on the other, however, there are some wobbliness, this is due two not engaging your whole arm when drawing, please try to be mindfull of this issue on your future practice. However, you are doing a nice work at keeping them overally arc-free.

  • Next is your ghosted line, your linework is solid and confident, albeit some slight wobbliness.

  • The same can be said to your ghosted plane's linework. But you can definitely improve on their arrangement.


  • Onwards to the table of ellipse, the composition is looking tidy instead of rushed, and you are being very mindfull of their positioning.

  • You have prioritized smoothness over positioning. And have made an effort to get it to touch all of 4 edges. Your hard work have clearly paid of, as your ellipses in plane is looking antiseptic.

  • Your funnels are well done, albeit some inconsistency.


  • Your plotted perspective is well done.

  • On the rough perspective you have tried to keep the alignment of the horizontal sides parallel and the vertical ones perpendicular. Aiming to improve your linework is my recommendation, some of your lines arch and wobble slightly. So take your time while ghosting them and draw to the best of your current ability.

  • Your rotated boxes are turning out very well, you have kept the gaps between boxes narrow and each quadrant is looking roughly the same size. On the other hand your linework isn't ideal, as wobbling is much more apparent.

  • Finishing with the organic perspective, here your box constructions are looking solid and believable, despite some inconsistency, all of this will be adressed in the box challenge, so don't sweat it too much.

And remember to practice these exercises as warm-ups, they should take only 5 minutes, and is a great way to sharpen your skills.