Lesson 3: Applying Construction to Plants

9:03 AM, Wednesday May 24th 2023

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Thank you for having a look at my work!

I took quite a long break between the branches exercise and the first plant because I felt overwhelmed, but here I come again! For the plants I did half of them with only constructions and the other half with some details, but not strictly in this order, hope it's still good!

Thank you!!


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7:33 PM, Saturday July 1st 2023

Hi There! First, congrats for getting through the lesson. Here is my critique:

Arrows: The arrows look good. Don’t forget perspective, start large and taper smaller. Try keep it consistent.

Leaves: The leaves look great! I can see you added form to the edges of the leaves. The twist in the leaves looks correct. Try not add cast shadow, instead of outlining textural forms.

Branches: Branches: Well done on the branches! Your ellipses changed angle where appropriate and were kept consistent. Your line strokes look confident as well.

Plants: Your forms are well drawn. Cast shadows are drawn nicely to depict texture.

Very well done on this exercise. Of course, keep doing Lesson 1 warmups as you are heading through the next lessons.

Next Steps:

Continue to lesson 4.

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9:34 AM, Tuesday July 4th 2023

Thank you for the critique!!

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