Your organic arrows have good flow and confident lines. To make them really look like they flow through space, note that both positive and negative spaces compress the further away they get. this is seen in some of your arrows but a lot of them don't show this trait.

Your sausage shapes also show good lines. In the contour ellipses, It's not clear whether they are bending towards or away, so make sure to distort your ellipses to show this. (See the mistake: degrees all the same on The forms also tend to squash a bit in the middle, but are okay. For the contour lines, this aspect improves a bit but it could still use some work.

Texture analysis: You do a good job of capturing the forms using solid shapes without unnecessary lines or hatching. You also understand when to eliminate detail based on how much light the area receives. Good work. You could also try using more solid shapes.

Though you understand how to eliminate detail based on lighting in texture analysis, you draw every line and add shadow in the dissections exercise. You understand how to capture the forms and wrap them around a surface, but remember that detail will tend to disappear in very light or very dark cases. Recall:

The prickly pear, moss, rough concrete, and hedge are good examples, though I would recommend using less lines in the well-lit areas of the hedge. The lizard skin and stone wall are examples that don't show any lighting.

Your form intersections generally look good and cohesive. The pyramids and cones tend to look a bit out of place, however, because of extreme distortion in some areas. Good work on determining the planes of intersection, I think you can visualize these quite well for curved surfaces. (I'm struggling with straight edges myself)

Organic intersections: The cast shadows are well-placed and look like they convincingly wrap around the forms. As with the earlier sausages, they look like they mostly point in the same direction, without heading towards or away from the viewer very much, but it is more evident here than in your previous exercise so there is some improvement. This could be some aspect to work on for later.

Anyway, good work, and good luck in the next stages!