250 Box Challenge

6:09 AM, Wednesday June 21st 2023

250 Box Challenge - Album on Imgur

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Lesson 1 has not been critiqued, and so I will give an explanation, I halted Lesson 2 so I could finish submitting Lesson 1 and the 250 Box Challenge, although that was two years ago, and most of the documents or finished homeworks were gone. But anyway here is my work, and that's that onward and continue to finish Lesson 2 now.

I also may have missed some boxes.

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1:31 PM, Monday July 3rd 2023

Overall you did a great job. Linework is smooth & confident. Convergence is nice and your extending lines are in the correct direction (you forgot one set for box 201 though). You also went for 5-6 boxes per page in later boxes so good job. Here are some pointers that you can implement in future warm-ups:

  • You should start adding line weight. Line weight is a great tool to reinforce a form and make the silhouette appear stronger and more solid (https://drawabox.com/lesson/250boxes/1/lineweight). Additionally, it's a great tool to describe overlapping between two objects, which is a tool you will be using a lot in Lesson 3 and forward (or even Lesson 2 in the construction section). It's also just a nice practice overall.

  • Add more variety. Your boxes look similar in terms of rotation, shapes, and foreshortening rate. You should experiment with those more because each variation will pose different difficulties and by trying to solve those different problems you'll get the most out of the challenge. Variety in the initial Y (the angle between each leg of the initial Y, the length of each leg, etc.); variety in shapes (pizza boxes, toothpaste boxes, etc.); variety in foreshortening (dramatic vs shallow foreshortening. Most of your boxes already has dramatic foreshortening so you should focus more on shallow foreshortening boxes where you can't even see the vanishing points).

  • Back corners. Back corners of your boxes look good overall but there are two angles you should be on look out for: (1) converging too sharply with a leg of the initial Y (box 217 - blue & red extending lines), (2) diverging with a leg of the initial Y (box 232 - black extending lines).

  • Advanced exercises (https://drawabox.com/lesson/250boxes/2) . They are entirely optional but I think you would be interested in checking out if you haven't. A student who completed this course recommended me to hold off the second exercise (subdividing boxes) until Lesson 6 so you should incorporate the first exercise in your warm-up from time to time.

Next Steps:

  • Lesson 2.

  • Add the box challenge into the warm-up pool.

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4:34 AM, Tuesday July 4th 2023

Thank you for taking the time to critique the submission. It is much appreciated.

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