Hello! Today I will take care of correcting your homework.

Congratulations on completing it, I'm sure it took a lot of effort.

I will go in parts:

Sausages with contours:

  • The shape is simple and the correct one.

  • Most of the ellipses and curves are well aligned and change degree according to their position; only once this was not achieved.

  • I want you to control the amount of ellipses or curves you add in a sausage. A couple or three well-drawn ones should achieve the desired effect. Using too many gives an artificial and confusing look.


  • Uhm.. Why are there so many?; the total number of insects should be 10. The effort used in those almost 20 drawings could have been concentrated in only the 10 and achieved more efficient results, that and not overexerting yourself.

Try to avoid doing that in the next lessons.

It is also not very useful to redo the same insect as in the case of the bagworm caterpillar.

  • I must criticize the note taking and doodling on most of the pages (even though I like the cute face spider and the fly man...). If you feel you must jot down details about the drawings or just do something for fun, reserve it for sheets that don't contain the course drawings.

Keeping your drawings clean and legible is important for the presentation, and for those reviewing your assignment.

  • Going more into insects. The construction is good, and the relationships of each shape to the others is neat. Each insect looks very similar to its references.

  • The use of sausages for the legs is just right. Let me remind you that when a leg has a complex design, you should still start with the sausage, and add the complex structure on top of it.

(As shown in this image - bottom section)

  • The bee drawing has the right amount of detail. It is simple and does not overshadow the construction behind it.

Contrary to this arachnid whose black details do not allow to differentiate the body from its legs.

Excessive use of details and areas of pure black is common for new members. Always opt for the minimum necessary detail.

  • Finally, I will clarify your question about the scorpion's body... Between a very boxy or very round body opt for the former.

The boxy shapes show their sides more clearly than the round ones, which is easier to work with for newcomers.

Round shapes do not have defined sides and edges which can be confusing when working on top of them.

As you gain experience working with more boxy shapes, you will be able to work better with round shapes later on.

  • I will not leave you homework or revisions as the basics of the lesson are well applied.

What you have to correct is about process more than anything else:

. Keep your drawings simple and crisp, avoid notes and scribbles on them .

. Do not do more exercises than the ones assigned to the lesson.

. Avoid overloading the drawings with too much detail, and dulling the initial construction.