250 Box Challenge

4:54 PM, Thursday December 14th 2023

250 Boxes - Google Drive

250 Boxes - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QvSYWvBd4A4NvIAu-sRCSO-zqHFTGjNs?usp=sharing

I finished the 250 Box Challenge! I would appreciate any feedback on the convergence on the left/right sides of the boxes.

Thanks in advance!

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9:55 PM, Saturday January 27th 2024

Hello qriousk! Overall you've had a lot of progress and your boxes look way better!

By the end of the challenge most of the boxes outer liens converge and you are doing a good job drawing the lines confidently and without repeating them.

There are a few boxes whose lines get a bit too close to parallel or start diverging a little bit though! So try to be mindful of that, like the box 240. But in general I think you got the gist of it.

The main issue that reminds is that the inner corner still gives you trouble, which is pretty much the accumulation of all your previous mistakes.

Something that can help with the inner corner is starting to think about the relationship of all the lines in a set like shown here .

Another thing that might help you think differently when drawing boxes is changing the order of drawing a box, so try it out to see if it helps you to get the relationships between lines better, like shown here.

So like I said you've done a good job! So i'll mark this as complete, feel free to move to lesson 2, make sure you ask any questions you don't understand and good luck on lesson 2.

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3:15 PM, Tuesday January 30th 2024

Thank you for the critique Elodin! The links and recommendations were very helpful. I do have one question about the "lines in a set" diagram. What does the last tip mean, where it says "lines will never diverge toward the VP"? Does that mean that they will always converge towards that point?

11:23 PM, Friday February 2nd 2024

In perspective, things closer to us seem bigger and things farther away seem smaller, which means that parallel lines that go away from the viewer ALWAYS converge in a point named vanishing point, that's the most important thing in perspective so it's important you understand it fully.

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