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1:38 AM, Friday January 13th 2023

No problem!

If you are interested in animating fights I suggest you check this website out it has a lot of useful stuff which will help with animation and figure drawing in general.

I also had the same idea as you, to start with figure stuff after drawabox but I think if it's possible you should start learning it now. The figure takes years to get good at so the sooner you start the better. There are an endless amount of resources for learning the figure but all that matters is that you pick one you like and stick with it. If you are interested in some places to start, you can start with Morpho / Loomis / Vilppu / Hampton etc. they pretty much all say the same thing so all that really matters is that you like the instructor and you take their advice to heart while also copying all of their drawings in their books several times over.

As to why I started drawing, I simply wanted to get the scenes I would visualize out of my head and onto a page. I was also inspired by the amazing illustrations from games I used to play a while ago so I'm aiming to become an illustrator / character designer. If I'd have known how important figure drawing was when I started drawing 7 months ago I would have started then instead of now. So while I don't regret doing drawabox I think it's better if you study the figure while doing it instead of after.

Also it's possible to see the drawabox lessons from 8 onwards but they were removed for a good reason and you will learn much more if you get a figure drawing book you like and learn from that instead.

5:13 AM, Friday January 13th 2023

Actually it's hard for me to maintain doing drawabox lessons, left alone the 50 percent one.

Moreover it will become more complex for me if I start doing figures along with drawabox.

That's why i was asking whether should I draw figures in 50 percent rather than the drawing prompts!

But after completing it I have planned a 6 to7 years complete schedule for figure, like a plan for free, gathered from different resources because I don't have any MONEY.

HERE IS MY PLAN if you are interested-

Gathering basic information about humans(like torso one)- 1year

Love Life Drawing( beginner series, fresh eyes, assignment list)- 3 years

Curriculum for solo artist- 3 years.

After all this I would see what I lake (must be background or so) and after that animation and then posting on media for money!!

For like books, l usually take less care as I hate reading!! Moreover I there were to be any books they are in pdf form!

If you have some other FREE resource that you think I should include , you can tell me ????

Here is an unsolicited advice : if you are thinking of joining a specific gaming company in character design,

You should try learning the style and design of a specific gaming company. A league of legend company will never apoint a call of duty type of artist!!

6:25 AM, Sunday January 15th 2023

I am hoping if you can guide me through some queries I have presented before!!????????

10:51 AM, Sunday January 15th 2023

Hey, sorry was busy all weekend!

It's fine if you can't do anything other than drawabox. As long as you draw figures / what you want during the 50% rule you should be fine.

For your plan, It may not actually take 6-7 years (depending on how much you dedicate each day) and the resources you've chosen are pretty good. For other free resources there are really only youtube channels. If I had to recommend one for figures it would be David Finch or Proko. You can also use free trials for skillshare and watch brent eviston's the art and science of drawing. Other than that there aren't that many good free resources. You've probably picked the best ones.

As for books, all I can ask is why do you hate reading?

1:39 PM, Sunday January 15th 2023
edited at 1:41 PM, Jan 15th 2023

First of all, Thank you!! I was starting to doubt whether what am I doing in 50 percent didn't fulfill its purpose!!

It's been 2 years since I first started drawing, for all these years I have only collected information I could and somehow found some of these free resources (DRAWABOX included).

It's maybe due to my background or the place I live in that I can't have access to the paid tutorials or so. Even if I had done access to paid tutorials I would apply to courses which may be about digital drawings or backgrounds because my free plan will somehow or a little , will teach me about figures , enough to convey my stories or to open a account to publish.

It was only few months back that I thought of making manga in future years but somehow dropped it ( not because I think I may not be good at it but of that I don't have any access to tools either for making it or of learning it)!!


AS FOR THE books,. It maybe rooted to some academic stress or so, that whenever I open a book to read it makes me think as if I have to memorise everything for there is exam tomorrow

I hope you are doing well!!!

edited at 1:41 PM, Jan 15th 2023
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