About required pages and page size

8:18 AM, Tuesday January 10th 2023

In the later lessons like 4/5 where the drawabox demands us to do full pages of a subject however the size of my drawings are such that only one drawing of a subject could be fit in a single page

Recently started to feel for guilty for just doing one drawing and calling it a full pages.

Is it normal or should I make some amends

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9:02 AM, Tuesday January 10th 2023

One drawing is perfectly fine, I've done one drawing per page throughout all of drawabox. But it doesn't matter whether you do 1 or 10 drawings per page. What matters is that you give yourself the space needed to fully demonstrate your abilities and to understand the animal / insect in 3d space.

3:45 PM, Tuesday January 10th 2023

Thank you so much, it relieved me so much .

Just a little request, can you tell me some exercise or some way to test my spacial reasoning skills or my understand of 3d space, if possible! To actually see whether what I am applying to my drawings really fits the demands of the actual principles of 3d world!!

Thanks ones again!!

12:18 AM, Wednesday January 11th 2023

No worries!

Pretty much all of Drawabox is essentially a test / exercise of your spatial reasoning skills / understanding of 3d space because it's all about conveying form on a flat page. But if you want a specific test of your skills you can pick any object and try to rotate it on a page kind of like the rotated boxes exercise from lesson 1.

The reason that 1 drawing per page is good is because you give yourself the whole page to understand the subject and how it sits in 3D space. The way you apply this to your drawings is by understanding that every form you put down on a page isn't 2D (unless you want it to be) and to treat it like a 3D object in the real world.

Feel free to ask questions if anything is still unclear!

3:29 AM, Wednesday January 11th 2023

Thanks ones again!!!

If you don't mind AGAIN! Can you please specify or give a little more in-depth of the object for the exercise like should it be a primitive simple form. A complex one made from another forms. A real world object. A reference . Still life . Nature around me . Something like that

Just bear with me because there will be more stupid questions to pop up!! thanks

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