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2:04 PM, Tuesday March 21st 2023

You're in luck, you're getting a heckin' speedy review!

Awesome job on completing the 250 boxes, it's quite a feat. Taking a quick sneak peak at the 250th box, I think you did just fine, I could mark this lesson as complete right now.

Instead, let me go through the boxes 50 by 50, see if we can find you some nice feedback and see if you made some good progression while at it.

Boxes 1-50

The small size of the pictures you took make it somewhat harder to zoom in on imgur. Not a bad thing, just makes it a bit rougher for me here. Your first set of boxes look great already. I was going to make a remark on how similar all your boxes are looking, but within the first 50 boxes you already went full creative with different shapes like pizza boxes and stretched bars. Good going! Your lines are sharp and straight, and you are even hatching your boxes properly. Even if its optional, it is great that you are doing so and I'm sure I'll see the fruits of that effort down the line. I particularly enjoy your experiments with boxes 25-29.

I can't tell if you have been adding lineweight to the outside of the boxes though, I don't think I see any. I do recommend doing that as well, as it is an invaluable bit of practice ghosting lines, and it will greatly benefit the rest of the course to do so.

Boxes 51-100

You're experimenting with even more box shapes and even sizes now. It is clear that you have properly understood the goal of this exercise.

You infrequently have the odd box like number 92 and 94 where your lines are converging "in pairs" instead of all to the same point. Most of your boxes properly have all four lines converging to the same point, which is indeed how it's supposed to go. I'm noting this mainly cause it seems to be a bit of a recurring trend, so it's something you might want to keep an extra eye on.

Also, at box 91 you have redrawn a few of your lines. Please be careful not to do that! There's plenty boxes to be drawn still, if you make the wrong mark just accept the error and move on. There is no need to make boxes look better in hindsight, just make the next box better instead.

Boxes 101-150

I see some scratching in this set of boxes, avoid doing so! Bad, bad! Just leave the errors in and move on. Boxes 119, 125, 129, 130, 131.

I also see some dotted lines in 106 and 108. I'm not entirely sure what to make of these. You're not intended to try and draw additional lines over your already drawn boxes, but on the other hand.. this is clearly showing that you are fully understanding the mistakes you made and you know how to fix them. Which is good :)

Boxes 151-200

I think something clicked for you around this point, I'm seeing a large amount of great boxes. Of course there's still odd angles and plenty small mistakes, but the amount of boxes that are drawn correctly are no coincidence. It's clear that you have the right idea, the rest is a matter of a thousand more drawn boxes.

Boxes 201-250

Box 201 is oddly off. But its the only one really. You're even doing well on the hard long boxes like 208. I am particularly impressed by how you manage to keep all your "middle two" lines properly converging as well. At worst you draw them parallel (which results in the "converging in pairs of 2" issue), but that is so much better than diverging which you are solidly avoiding.


Honestly, great job. The main takeaway here is that all lines of a box should converge to the same point, and you understood that perfectly fine. Your lines are decently straight, even on the larger boxes, you hatched diligently, I have very little feedback for you.

Except for that I didn't see that line weight. I'm afraid that is a solid 1500 lines you could've practice ghosting on but didn't, you're just gonna have to do that in hindsight now! Also, don't redraw lines to fix things! Adjust and move on :) no redoing or chicken scratching.

On to Lesson 2.

Next Steps:

Lesson 2! Finally some non-straight lines to draw!

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2:29 PM, Tuesday March 21st 2023

Well, that was quick. Thanks, will add line wight practice to my drills :D

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