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8:55 PM, Thursday April 7th 2022

Hi! I'll be reviewing your submission. Good job on completing lesson 3.

Arrows: Your lines look confident for the majority of your arrows. Keep using your whole arm and drawing with confidence. There is something I want to point out. I can see that you're struggling a little changing the width of the arrow as it travels trough space. I notice that the changes in width tend to be very drastic in your arrows. However, it needs to be more natural. Another thing I notice is that you don't compress the space as the arrow travels trough space. Take a look at this picture. You also need to be more mindfull of your arrowhead, and be intentional with it just as you did with the arrow.

Leaves: You seem to be grasping how to draw leaves, good job on that. I think it would have been good if had drawn a bigger variety of leaves. Maybe some bigger leaves, some with spiky edges, long ones, etc. It seems like you played it pretty safe. Also, while detail isn't the most important thing, you should be more mindfull of how you capture it in your drawings. Remember, you're drawing cast shadows.

Branches: Pretty good attempt. This excercise can be pretty hard, so don't worry too much about it. I can see that you're not missing too much when connecting the branches. Good job on that! Just remember to keep your lines confident, and improve wobliness. Your branches are on the right path to looking pretty solid. You also did a good job changing the degree of the ellipses and aligning them to their minor axis. There is one branch that you seemed to mess up. Just slow down and be more careful as you place the ellipses.

Plant drawings: The construction on your plants is looking pretty solid. Good job on that, I can see you're understanding the concepts of this lesson. The first thing I want to point out is that your leaves need a little of work. You don't seem to be enclosing them properly, and some of them look a little stiff. Keep this in mind as you draw arrows. I can see that on the bonsai tree, you didn't pay much attention to the construction of the branches. Don't rush, drawing solid branches is important for the solidity of the whole drawing.

Overall, I think you're going in the right direction, but I feel like you could get a better grasp on drawing leaves. I'm gonna ask you draw another page of leaves. Make sure you read the instructions again, you enclose the leaves properly, they flow nicely through space, and you go for a bigger variety of leaves. Other than that, your submission is pretty solid. I also suggest you do the arrows excercise as warmup, and you pay attention to the aspects that need improvement.

Next Steps:

One additional page of leave drawings.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:55 AM, Sunday April 10th 2022

Thank you very much !

Gonna work on these leaves and arrows.

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