Where do you look when ghosting and then drawing an ellipse?

1:18 PM, Sunday April 26th 2020


I was wondering where one should look while ghosting and then drawing an ellipse? Currently I feel as if my eyes are just spinning as I ghost my ellipse. Should I be focusing on a central point and estimate the rest of my ellipse? What method do you use when you are ghosting an ellipse?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks for reading this post!


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12:02 AM, Monday April 27th 2020

I find I actually defocus a bit to take on the whole area that I am looking at and try to avoid looking at a particular spot. I then imagine how the ellipse should be on the paper, ghost until comfortable and jsut go for it.

Took me a while to come to that method but it works better for me.

11:21 AM, Monday April 27th 2020

Interesting Scoobyclub!

I will try this! I thought that this would be an estimate until you get it right exercise. I noticed when I ghost an ellipse, I can visualize on paper what it will look like by focusing on the ghosted shadow.


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5:33 AM, Monday April 27th 2020

I personally look at the center of the shape I'm drawing, but I'm not exactly perfect!

11:22 AM, Monday April 27th 2020


That makes sense. I bet that helps visualize ghosting, then drawing the entire circle.

Thanks for the response!

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