Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

4:51 PM, Monday August 24th 2020

Lesson one- Submission for official critiques & review  - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/WnbmEHk

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I've also made a zip version of the images for lesson one exercices. Here is the link


Have a nice week.

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3:52 PM, Tuesday August 25th 2020
edited at 4:29 PM, Aug 25th 2020

Hello, I'll be taking a look at your submission today. So after a cursory look through your submission here I'm seeing a lot of problems and really a lot of them are not so much a lack of mechanical drawing skill but are that you rushed through these exercises, didn't read the lessons carefully enough, didn't watch the videos, and simply aren't following directions. So I'm going to go over some of these issues more specifically but really I think you should look at all of the lesson material again and redo the entire lesson. A lot of learning to draw is developing patience and the concepts that this first lesson teaches are really the foundation for the rest of the lessons and if you don't understand them you aren't going to be able to do the later lessons correctly.

So with your superimposed lines the one thing you have the highest degree of control over is keeping a clear starting point for your lines which you really did not do and is a pretty clear indication to me that you are simply rushing through these. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/8/fraying You are also heavily arcing your lines. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/9/arc That said your linework here is confident and your best two exercises were probably the two that followed this one which are the ghosted lines and planes but even these are having severe problems with accuracy. Once again with your ghosted lines the most control you have is where you place your pen for the initial mark and you are undershooting and overshooting on every single line. Overshooting isn't as much of a problem because that sort of accuracy gets better with practice but there is basically no excuse for undershooting lines because like I said the most control you have is where you start your line. While your ghosted planes are probably your best exercise overall some of the lines here still feel very wobbly because you likely reverted to drawing from your wrist while drawing them or simply skipped ghosting your lines.

So one of the biggest problems with your ellipses is that you didn't listen to one of the most important directions given in the lessons which is to DRAW THROUGH YOUR ELLIPSES. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/11/drawingthrough You didn't do this even once which makes me think you didn't look at the lessons or videos very carefully as it is mentioned numerous times. For the drawabox exercises you are supposed to draw through EVERY SINGLE ELLIPSE you make without exception. The other thing you are failing to do is to at least attempt to keep your ellipses tangent to your edges and to each other as shown throughout this lesson. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/11/step2

Your plotted perspective boxes once again did not follow the directions. Hardly any of the lines are extended back to the vanishing points. This is also a problem with all of your rough perspective boxes which either have no lines extended back, some extend in the opposite direction, and some extended a tiny bit but not all the way to the vanishing point. Some of your rough perspective boxes were done in two point perspective which again is not allowed and the directions specifically mention they are all supposed to be in one point perspective. Also in one case you only drew A SINGLE BOX for the entire exercise. I'm sorry but this is the EPITOME of rushing. Your linework here is also starting to look very wobbly which is probably because you either stopped ghosting or started drawing from your wrist again. You are also starting to redraw lines a lot which is something you need to break the habit it. You want to make your lines with one clean confident stroke using the ghosting method and if it is slightly drawn in error you need to try and work with what you initially put down. The way you added hatching in a lot of exercises is again incredibly rushed and looks very sloppy. Every single line you make should be done with intention and using the ghosting method. At some point you should really be looking at the lesson examples and examine them against your own drawings and really try and think through why yours don't look similar. Self reflection and self analysis is another huge part of learning any skill not just drawing.

At this point I'm not going to go on with the rest of this critique because simply put you are just making the same mistakes over and over and lot of it comes down to not having looked at the lessons materials or homework assignments very carefully and that you simply tried to rush through all of these. So with all of this said I'd like to do just that. Reread the lessons, watch the videos again, and redo all of the homework exercises and take your time with it. You can't rush through these early exercises as this is the foundation for everything you learn afterwards and you if don't understand these concepts then everything you do afterwards will have problems. I'm not expecting perfection on these and I don't even expect them to look good but I need to see that you are actually following directions which I am really not seeing here.

Please submit your revision as an entirely new submission as well which will cost another credit.

Next Steps:

Reread the lessons, watch the videos again, and redo all of the homework exercises and take your time with it.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
edited at 4:29 PM, Aug 25th 2020
8:11 AM, Thursday August 27th 2020

Thanks for all those observations. By looking up with up a new eye to my work, I've also noticed

1- In the ghost plane & ellispses planes exercices I didn't occupied enough space on the paper sheet

compared to the homework example

2- In the table of ellipses I drew them too quickly and almost all my ellipses shapes have a blank space

3- I didn't draw enough boxes in the plotted perspective and the rough perspective exercices.

In the same part of the sheet, when shading I changed lighting whereas I should have chosen only

one spot and if this spot was natural light/ sun light or artificial light/ lamp light

I've remade some exercices "ellipses in plane" "table of ellispes" and also a page of superimposed lines. Here is the link


I go myself a drawing gun and I think it will help me with the curved lines for the funnels. In a video I saw uncomfortable telling a student which used a paper tape rolls to draw the curves of the funnels. Could you please tell me if I'm heading in the right direction (or not)?

5:30 PM, Thursday August 27th 2020

To be honest not really. You didn't even listen to the advice I gave in the first few paragraphs of my critique regarding keeping a clearly defined starting point with your superimposed lines and you still aren't drawing through your ellipses at all. Like I said you really need to go back to very start of these lessons and go through all of the material again. Read all of the lessons and watch all of the videos. Take notes and take your time with this.

4:22 AM, Friday August 28th 2020

I can't believe I did a ellipse with only one line again. T_T

When you have some time could you please post the critiques for the two last exercices of lesson in my submission: the rotated boxes and the organic perspective?

May be I rushed them also.

Anyway, with all those epic fails, I'm sure I didn't pass and need to focus on drawing through ellipse using correctly the minor axis for my next sumission.

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