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6:58 AM, Wednesday July 14th 2021

Hey Tiamal! Good job on finishing the challenge!


The first that struck me when i opened your submission was how clean your linework is. You clearly took your time with each line, used the ghosting method- Great job!

Box Construction

You've done well with extending your lines throughout the challenge, I don't see any missed extensions or ones that are in the wrong direction, good work.

Your convergences are coming along nicely! You seem to understand that your lines are meant to converge, never diverge or be parallel.

As for the foreshortening, I see you kinda lean onto more dramatic foreshortenings, very few shallow ones. Make sure you get some practice with shallow foreshortening too.

Orientation- You tend to draw a lot of boxes in the same kind of orientation. When drawing the initial Y the lines can have any lengths, same with the angles as long as they are over 90 degrees. Check this diagram out, but don't copy it the boxes in it, you still need to use your imagination.

With all that said...

Next Steps:

...I think your boxes are coming along great! Feel free to move on to lesson 2.

Make sure to add this to your pool of warm-up exercises, make sure to vary your foreshortening when you do.

Congratulations on conquering the 250 Boxes Challenge!

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7:57 AM, Wednesday July 14th 2021

Thank you for the critique!

8:13 PM, Thursday July 15th 2021

No problem, was a pleasure.

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