Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

9:42 AM, Saturday May 21st 2022

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Heya lovely people! Just finished the first lesson of drawabox and I'm posting here to get your guys' critiques, if you got the time! Have a beautiful day!

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11:48 AM, Monday May 23rd 2022

Hello, nice day to you too!

Good job on completing Lesson #1.

I will take care to correct it and highlight if there are any errors.


  • I like that you drew your lines with confidence; no major shakiness is seen in the stroke.

Your lines don't look bowed either, it's adequate anyway.

  • You are dotting the beginning and end of your lines, don't stop doing that as it is very useful especially in the ghosting method.

  • The ghosted plans look great, both because you are planning all your lines correctly, and because your ellipses are well drawn.


Keep drawing your ellipses 2 times, this improves accuracy in all lessons.

  • All well in your ellipse tables, perfect in that they do not cross each other, nor go off the edges of the table.

  • In your funnels there is no error. Your ellipses are aligning to the minor axis (the line in the middle) as expected.


  • The lines are still drawing confidently here. Perfect.

And you're right to keep drawing through your boxes.

  • The rough perspective is fine, the lines look in the direction of your vanishing point.

It's not the idea that they arrive perfectly, but you can see the effort which is the important thing.

  • The rotated boxes are fine as is the line hatching applied to the corners.

Had you kept the spaces between the boxes a little smaller, it would have been m much better.

  • In the organic perspective, your boxes line up correctly in the middle line. And they seem to change size as you move away/closer.


No major errors ; you can see that you understood the general concepts of the exercises.

I will mark your lesson as completed. And good luck in what follows!

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6:49 PM, Tuesday May 24th 2022

Awesome man, thanks so much! Good luck in your drawing journey as well, hope you are doing all well! :D

11:38 AM, Thursday May 26th 2022

You're welcome, thank you and I hope you'll be great in the next lessons too! ^ ^

7:10 PM, Thursday May 26th 2022

Surely hope so! I just started the 250 box challange stuff, knew that those years playing Minecraft weren't wasted, even tho my parents wouldnt agree... I am VERY exited for the other lessons, I am currently at the SECOND box (I know, such progress), hope we'll meet again so you can give me a passing grade ;)

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