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7:37 AM, Saturday May 22nd 2021

nice, great proporsions

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1:17 PM, Thursday May 27th 2021

The proportions and the perspective look very nice. And I like how you applied atmospheric perspective to the mountains in the background.

4:54 AM, Friday May 28th 2021

I haven't learn proportions yet :(, but i'm quite surprised with your feedback.

5:47 PM, Friday May 28th 2021

It looks believable and solid when I look at your drawing. Also, the perspective gives the illusion of 3-D space, so I wanted to express this. I didn't learn about perspective or proportions either. But as I keep drawing for fun, the end results of the new drawings becomes better in each time, because of my increased visual library. And even if I don't think about some specific proporitons or perspective rules all the time, I can draw more accurate scenes. That's what I felt when I look at your drawing. It was a believable scene, I really didn't think about the techniques applied in it, I just thouth that it had nice proportions. I am sorry if I coused a confusion.

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