Hi, great job on completing Lesson 1!

Starting off with your Superimposed Lines, you're doing good at plotting your lines and most of them avoid fraying at the beginning of the lines. Over on your Ghosted Planes and Ghosted Lines, the main issue here is some of your lines are arching, indicating that you aren't properly utilizing your shoulder whilst drawing your lines. What helps me avoid this is to avoid resting my elbow on the table for the most part while drawing. Some of your lines blend slightly which isn't a huge problem as it'll get better over time. (I'm on Lesson 4 and I still struggle with line confidence) When you move onto future lessons, just dedicate some time before you do the exercises to doing Ghosted Lines or whichever exercise you prefer to work on your line work.

Your Ellipses are really great and there isn't really any major problems I need to point out. Some tend to lack confidence but just like lines, keep practicing it and it'll get easier to draw ellipses.

Same goes onto your Box exercises, it looks like you understood what each exercise was going for, the vanishing points, rotating boxes, etc. There's just 2 major problem you should avoid doing in your future exercises which is avoid redoing your lines. On Rough Perspective, I can see you redrew some lines which isn't necessary. It's alright if you mess up and you should move onto the next line. The 2nd problem to address is your way of hatching lines like on Plotted Perspective and Rotated Boxes. You should avoid rushing them and make sure that they're evenly spaced to give a more clean look instead of a messy one. I also suggest you look at applying line weight in the future as it'll greatly help you on line work and line confidence.

Overall, you're Lesson 1 Submission is really good and the only problems you have can easily be fixed with practice and awareness. I'll be marking this as complete and good luck on the 250 Box Challenge ! :D