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4:42 PM, Tuesday February 28th 2023

Thank you so much for the helpful feedback!

I tried to take your advice and do some better form intersections, using paint 3d for one and just eyballing it for the other without paint 3d. If you could tell me if I fixed the issues I was having, that would be amazing, I did my best to use the resources you gave me.

Other then that, thank you for your time!

4:49 AM, Wednesday March 1st 2023

These intersections look much better! The only thing I should point out is that if you're going to increase line weight only do it where an intersection occurs. The way you do it now seems kind of random and makes it confusing to look at. For example on the first page you have a pyramid who's outline has increased line weight, I would just add line weight for the intersections between the cylinder and box. Other than line weight issue the intersections look good and I'm glad you used 3D paint to increase your understanding.

Good luck for the wheel challenge!

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