I've been a little bit wracked about what to do about this submission, and have been thinking about it for the last two days, since you sent it in. Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot provide you with feedback. The linework is just not really legible, as it appears that you've decided to work with a pen that was already on its last legs, resulting in a lot of faint lines with some very small dark spots littered throughout the drawings that only make them yet harder to visually parse.

While I had hoped I would find a way to give you useful feedback while asking for considerable revisions, it would simply demand vastly more time than I can reasonably allocate.

As such, I have refunded the $10 payment you made on June 6th in order to get the credits you needed to submit this. Normally I would simply cancel the submission and return the credits to the student's account, but I don't feel anything short of returning the money to you would be appropriate in this circumstance.

I will of course need you to take another swing at Lesson 5, with a fresh pen that behaves correctly, producing rich, dark marks regardless of how much pressure you apply.

I'm sorry to have to deliver such unpleasant news, and I can completely understand that it may be greatly discouraging to hear it. Had I any other reasonable options, I would have gone a different route, but with the mountain of critiques I have to contend with already, and the fact that Lesson 5 critiques already tend to take vastly longer than the others (it's not at all abnormal for them to take a full hour), I was left with no other choice.