Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

9:45 PM, Friday March 12th 2021

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Hello, this is my work for lesson one, which i started about 2 weeks ago. I'm pretty happy with my work and i would appreciate some critique. Thanks for responding

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1:17 PM, Saturday April 3rd 2021

Ghosted Lines: You did not put the tip of your pen to the start of the line accurately, this should be your first priority before drawing your line. The first 4 curves on your second page are too complicated, the lines other than C-S-I lines are not very suitable for ghosting method. When we draw more complicated, longer curves, we break it into managable smaller curves. In this instance, you could break your line into 2 smaller S curves, but we don't worry about that in this exercise. Just stick to C-S-I lines.

Ghosted Lines: Some of your lines are wobbly, you can fix it by warming up and letting your body relax before starting these homework exercises. Don't draw through your line in order to correct your mistakes, this is a bad habit that will attract attention to your mistakes.

Ghosted Planes: Your line quality increased in this exercise

Tables of Ellipses & Ellipses in Planes: These are OK, pay attention to your shoulder motion and how it moves when you are out of track. You will be able to improve it with practice.

Funnels of Ellipses: Ellipses get narrower in the middle, and get wider as you get away from the center, this will be very helpful in further lessons.

Plotted Perspective: Good job

Rough Perspective: These pages look good, but you draw through some of your lines. We don't worry about that in this exercise. Pure line work is better.

Rotated Boxes: This is very good!

Organic Perspective: You darkened your outlines, we want to only do pure line work in these exercises. You will be introduced to darkening outlines in 250 Box Challenge.


Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge

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3:14 PM, Tuesday January 18th 2022

Thank you very much, how can i get the completion badge for the 250 box challenge?

8:55 AM, Tuesday February 8th 2022

Someone needs to review your work and 2 other people needs to agree with them. I also don't have the badge yet, it's a bit of luck really. However you can subscribe to Uncomfortable's Patreon if you want more consistent critiques, I don't know much of it but you can check it out

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