Your box can be set in stone in as little as 5 lines

8:19 PM, Tuesday September 27th 2022

So I'm about 90 boxes in, trying to understand everything, and made a set of slides to show how adding each segment adds bits of information to your box. Turns out, a box can be established in as little as 5 lines. Filling in the rest is like figuring out whodunit in the game of Clue.

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4:47 PM, Wednesday September 28th 2022

Great analysis! And your comparison to solving it like a game of clue is spot on.

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10:15 PM, Wednesday October 5th 2022

this is very helpful. thank you

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6:17 PM, Friday October 7th 2022

Very helpful tutorial you put together here. Thank you! Did you happen to post this to the reddit? Could help a lot of folks.

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