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6:36 AM, Monday October 25th 2021
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Helo,dis is Richy who'll be critiquing your work today.

Good job on completing L1 my dude.


+Superimposed lines:

Overall pretty good,tho the fraying is a bit extreme on both side,but good job on your first try,be sure to continue doin these as warm ups in the future

+Ghosted lines:

Bit of a accuracy issues there where some lines arent hitting the dot but it'll get better with practice no worries.

Tho i am seeing some wobbly lines so be sure to remember the basic of executing a mark in this course:

1) Ghost it (TAKE YOUR TIME),the most important step,take all the time you need to plan your lines out before comitting to it

2) Draw in the line with a fast and confident stroke,no second guessing or hesitation,even if it's not hitting where you want it to.


Very good,your ellipses are clean and confident,not much to say here you did a good job.Be sure to practice them in many size and variation since im noticing your smaller ellipse arent that confident atm.

Funnels: For future warm up try varying the degree of the ellipse 


Plotted perspective: Good,nothing to say here lol.

Rough perspective:

 Overall good,you followed all the instruction properly and didnt made any common mistakes,one thing that can help you a bit when doing a one point perspective exercise like this is to realize that all of your horizontal lines should be parallel to the horizon line and all of your verticals should be perpendicular(straight up and down in this case) to the horizon line. This will help you avoid some of the slanting lines you have in your constructions.

Rotated Boxes+Organic perspective:

Congrats for being able to push through these two very painful exercise lol.

Since the end result isnt what we're after here,i dont have much to say.But you should try drawing bigger for the rotated boxes,this will make it much easier to deal with complex spatial problems like (Rotated boxes,Form intersection and L3+)

Overall you did a pretty good job on this lesson,best of luck on the box challenge m8.

Next Steps:

Move on to the 250box challenge

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7:17 AM, Monday October 25th 2021
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I see thank you for the critique!. I'll be moving on to 250 boxes now.

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