Congrats on finishing Lesson 2. From what I can see you made a good effort and are mostly ready to continue to the next lesson.

  • Your arrows look pretty good, I would have highlighted the lines less though- only going over where the arrow twists. This would make the it easier to understand how the arrow twists while also making your lines crisper and cleaner. Aside from that, just make sure your lines are roughly equidistant from each other (given their place in the foreground), although I admit that can be really hard.

  • Your organic forms are mostly good, but you should try varying your ellipses more in the first set. Drawing less of them may help too, as it would give you more room to draw wider figures, which is important for conveying how the form interacts with your viewpoint.

  • Your textures in general look pretty good, but always remember not to draw forms, but rather the shading they create. Your rug texture, for example, just seems to be the surface of a rug, rather than the shadows casted on it by its contours. Likewise, I'm not sure if a soap bar is the best texture to portray because of its smoothness (in all fairness, I don't have the original image you used, so if it is textured enough please disregard this criticism). You also don't feature much of a transition to the negative (white) space in your texture dissections, instead jumping straight from shadows to empty space. Your corn texture did that pretty well though.

  • Your form intersections also look good, although I'm not an expert on the topic. If you have a computer that runs Windows 10, you should have access to the Paint3D application, which allows you to easily draw 3D shapes and observe how they interact. That helped me with the exercise and might help you too.

  • Lastly, varying your ellipses more would help a lot on your organic intersections, especially for portions of the forms that directly face the viewer. Additionally, I would personally avoid having forms "bridge" over each other too much, like in the top right of your first page, as this would lead to really deformed shapes as they are sharply affected by gravity.