Congratulations on completing Lesson 1! I will be providing critique for your Lines, Ellipses and Boxes today.


Superimposed Lines: Your lines were a bit wobbly on the first page, but this improved by the second page.

Ghosted Lines: Again, some of the lines are a little wobbly. Remember to make straight, confident marks.

Ghosted Planes: This exercise looks good.

In this section, your line quality seems to have improved, which is good!


Table of Ellipses: This exercise looks good. The ellipses have been placed snugly next to each other.

Ellipses in Planes: A few of the ellipses are floating in the center of the plane without touching the sides, but this issue does not exist on most of the ellipses.

Funnels: This exercise looks good. You have also applied some degree to your ellipses.

You have drawn through all of your ellipses twice in this section, which is correct.


Plotted Perspective: In the first and second windows, you have shaded different sides of each box (inconsistent). This step was optional, so you do not need to redo the exercise.

Rough Perspective: On the second page, it appears that some of your width lines are not parallel to the horizon. Remember to take this into account.

Rotated Boxes: This exercise looks good. You have followed the directions correctly.

Organic Perspective: This exercise looks good as well.

Overall, you have done well on this lesson! You are ready to move onto the 250 box challenge.