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6:15 PM, Saturday June 18th 2022
edited at 6:17 PM, Jun 18th 2022

Overall, the exercise looks good. Your lines are clean and confident, I don't see any wobbles or scratchiness, and you don't try to redraw any lines that are off. That is very good.

The biggest concern I have is the back lines of some of the boxes. Your inner corners often veer off the vanishing point and contradict the directions of the other lines. This is okay, the inner corners are very difficult to get right. The inner corner is effected by every other perspective mistake you make in a box.

The best way to rectify this is to really consider the relationship between the four lines that converge into the vanishing point, instead of thinking of them individually or in pairs. Every time you draw a line, you should consider the other three lines in the set, and how their angles relate to each other and how they all converge to one point. This diagram will help you with understand that.


The only other critique is that the angles of your boxes are all very similar. It can be difficult to add variety to your boxes, so you can use this diagram to get some Ideas on how to add variety to the angles of your boxes.


Next Steps:

I am going to request that you do an additional 50 boxes, and that you focus on two things when you draw these boxes:

  1. The back corner needs to veer off less. To do this, focus on the relationship between the four lines. Consult the diagram often to try to get a sense for it. Don't be frustrated if it goes wrong, try your best, and be careful when you plot the point in the back. Practice it regularly and consult the diagram when you feel lost and eventually you will get it.

  2. Add some more variety to the rotation of your boxes, use the diagram to get some ideas.

Bonus points: Try adding hatching to one of the sides facing you and adding thickness to the outlines of the boxes. This is good practice for later lessons, and makes them less confusing to understand at a quick glance. Remember that all lines, including the hatching lines and outlines, should be ghosted and drawn confidently and quickly.

I know its painful, but understanding these concepts will pay off, I can guarantee it. When you are done you can message me on discord at Now_Its_Orange#2800 and I will review the extra boxes or you can get someone else to approve it.

Keep pushing through! you can do it!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
edited at 6:17 PM, Jun 18th 2022
9:11 AM, Sunday June 26th 2022


First of all thank you for taking time to critique my work. I've tried to analyze my work too and I think my problem isn't with understanding the concepts (I can draw a box with a ruller using vanishing points just fine) but with as I like to call it double E: estimating and execution which in my case is nowhere near perfect. And I really hope this will come with practice and become muscle memory at some point.

Anyway I tried my best to rectify my mistakes from 250 box challenge in these additional 50 boxes drill. As requested I added thickness and hatching although I don't care about bonus points ;) I'm here to learn not gain points ;) (Although I understand it's just a figure of speech)

You can find my work at the imgur link below and I would really appreciate if you could review and critique that. Thanks again!



9:56 PM, Wednesday July 20th 2022

Hello again!

Super sorry it took me so long to respond, I got logged out of my account and didn't notice so I did not get the notification. My bad. Anyway....

Great job! Seriously! The biggest issue with your boxes before was that the back lines would veer off drastically. Immediately, on your first few pages of boxes, the relationships between the lines improve greatly, and are wayyyy more accurate. It goes from an issue that was in almost every box to something that only appears occasionally.

You might be frustrated that it is still not perfect, but I can see that you are starting to really understand it. If you would like, you can always practice a few boxes as a warm up before other exercises. Eventually you will get the lines to almost always be spot-on.

On top of that, your hatching and line thickness is super clean. You can claim your bonus points here if you decide you want them after all ;)

Next Steps:

Great job and move on to lesson 2 if you have not done so already!

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4:28 PM, Friday July 22nd 2022

Thank you so much and no worries, happened to me also. There's not so much distinction between being logged in and not. Also since this is not official critique it wasn't blocking me at all, I simply moved on to the next lesson, so no harm done :)

Thanks again for all the pointers and taking your time to do the critique


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