Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

11:31 AM, Monday October 5th 2020

Lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

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I just recently finished lesson 1 along with the 250 box challenge, and I'm looking for some critique before I continue to lesson 2. Also, the Rough Perspective is done in Krita cause I didn't have a red pen.

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2:00 PM, Monday October 5th 2020

2 things. Though it’s okay (though not ideal) to have completed the box challenge before having had your lesson 1 submission critiqued, this does not extend to lesson 2. You’ll need to hold on to your box challenge for the next 2 weeks, submit it, and then start working on it. Also, it would’ve been fine to use the same pen, or a pencil, or literally anything else (including a digital tool!) for the correction lines, provided you’d done the rest of the work traditionally, as per the instructions. Unfortunately, this means that I’ll need to assign you a re-do, but, seeing as you’re not doing much these next 2 weeks, I’m hoping it’s not too hard an ask. With that out of the way, let’s talk about your submission.

Starting with your superimposed lines, these are looking good. They’re smooth and confident, and mostly of a consistent trajectory. I notice a slight wobble in some of the arcing ones, however, so be a little more mindful of your priorities for those (remember: confidence, first and foremost, then accuracy.) The ghosted lines look good (you’ve got an extra page of these, by the way.) There’s a slight issue in regards to them not starting at the correct starting point, but this is already looking much better in the ghosted planes exercise, and even more so in the rest of the submission. As for the planes, these are looking good, too. I’m especially pleased to see that you’ve plotted some start/end points for their non-diagonal center lines- most students forget.

The table of ellipses exercise looks decent. You’re clearly prioritizing their smoothness/roundness, but they’re not always smooth/round. Most notably, they’ll start off stiff, and stabilize in their second rotation, or become pointy at their edges. To fix this, try spending a little longer on the ghosting stage, and double checking that all of your movements are indeed originating from the shoulder (not just once, but consistently.) The ellipses in planes exercise looks good – your ellipses maintaining their smoothness/roundness despite the added difficulty of having to touch all 4 sides of the plane – but their rotations have a much harder time lining up, here. This is not uncommon, given the increase in difficulty, but, just the same, see if spending a little longer ghosting them fixes this. Finally, the funnels exercise looks great. The minor axis properly cuts each ellipse into two equal, symmetrical halves, and the ellipses themselves are nice and snug.

The plotted perspective exercise looks clean- nicely done. The rotated boxes exercise looks fantastic. Your boxes are big, snug, and rotate nicely. I was pleased to see the inclusion of some line-weight/hatching here, too (though, in regards to the hatching, it should originate from the shoulder, same as the rest of your lines.) Finally, the organic perspective looks really good, too. The boxes themselves look solid, and their steady increase in size, many overlaps, and consistent, shallow foreshortening really sell the illusion you’re trying to convey. My one nitpick is to be a little more subtle, and local, with your line-weight, so that it suggests the various relationships to the viewer, rather than outright tell them them.

This is, overall, a really solid submission, so I’ll be glad to move you on to the box challenge, just as soon as I see those 2 pages of rough perspective.

Next Steps:

2 pages of the rough perspective exercise

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
4:41 PM, Tuesday October 6th 2020

I did the rough perspective on paper, as you said. I only have one question. Do I have to do the 250 box challenge again? If yes, does it have to be on paper? https://imgur.com/a/nkQ94DZ

4:51 PM, Tuesday October 6th 2020

Looks good! But, if you can, try to make your start/end points a little smaller, and to be a little more conscious of the automatic reinforcing habit. Each line is drawn once, and only once.

As for the box challenge, you can submit your old one provided it’s done in ink. If you did it digitally, you’ll, unfortunately, have to do it over.

Either way, i'll be marking this lesson as complete, and sending you off to it.

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
5:29 AM, Saturday October 10th 2020

Hi again, I just began with the 250 box challenge, and I have a question. Is there a problem if the lines are crossing each other? In the picture, one of the boxes in the top right corner is left unfinished on purpose to see how it looks. https://imgur.com/a/Zi07zbz

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