Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

7:21 PM, Friday July 17th 2020

LESSON 1 COMPLETED - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/jMkvHtW.jpg

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Hello everyone, I'm new here.

Two days ago I finished the first lesson.

I was not sure if posting for critique or not... At the end I decided to do what maybe now is a scared move but forward, (I hope) seeing the improvements, rewarding...

Ready for critiques!

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7:04 AM, Saturday July 18th 2020

Hi overall good job and congrats finishing first lesson :)


Lines are looking p good overall.


Ellipses are fine too, though they do get a bit wobbly, so don't forget that in ellipses as well as lines you should try to do them as confident as you can, don't hesitate in sacrificing accuracy to get them smoother and more confident.


Boxes are looking p good.

Rough perspective good job on keeping horizontal lines parallel and vertical lines perpendicular to the horizon.

In Rotated boxes and organic perspective you missed perspective in some boxes, which completely fine, and nothing to worry about, as you'll work on it in 250 boxes challenge.

Overall good job and keep it up ;)

Next Steps:

Next Steps:

Continue to use these exercises as part of your warm ups (about 10-15 minutes)

Feel free to move onto the 250 box challenge

Don’t forget to take breaks and draw for fun!

Also, now that you’ve completed Lesson 1, I encourage you to critique some Lesson 1 community submissions. Not only will this help the community, but it will also solidify and reinforce your understanding of the material. Of course, this is optional (but we’d be especially grateful!). If you’d like to give it a shot, see this guide that was created by one of our community members on how to go about critiquing Lesson 1.
This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete, and 2 others agree. The student has earned their completion badge for this lesson and should feel confident in moving onto the next lesson.
8:03 AM, Saturday July 18th 2020

Thanks for replying!

I will definetly work on and next time try to improve my ellipses.

I see you finished with the 250 box challenge... I hope someone will reply to you also.

See ya :)

12:45 PM, Saturday July 18th 2020

No worries and thanks ;)

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