250 Box Challenge

6:41 PM, Monday July 11th 2022

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This is my 250 boxes challenge submission. It took me more than what I expected, but I got there.

Thanks in advance for the feedback

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4:24 PM, Wednesday July 13th 2022

Hey Batata!

Nice to meet you, I'll review your submission!!

Yes, it took way longer for me to than I thought haha, very very time consuming but I think it's worth it

First off, very well done on your line drawing, which I find very impressive! Very neat, it looks like you've followed the instruction well and taken your time on every line. Very good. I can see that when you started you were less adventurous with your degrees of foreshortening, but more so as you progressed through the challenge, at first they pretty much all had shallow foreshortening but later you did some more dramatic foreshortening, which is good, but I think there is possibility for you to go even further with it. Try to experiment with different axes of the same box having different degrees of foreshortening, so for example, say axis 'x' has very dramatic foreshortening, but axis 'y' and 'z' have shallow foreshortening, or vice versa, 'x' and 'y' dramatic and 'z' shallow, or maybe all dramatic! Just be careful not to make the VP too close as it will cause distortion to the box.

Another thing is that because you have very shallow foreshortening on most of your boxes, you never really get the chance to see where the lines meet when you mark it with the coloured pens, by have more dramatic foreshortening, you'll be able to see the exact VP and how accurate your lines were. It might also help to put less boxes on each page so that you have more space to draw the coloured lines towards the VP.

I can see you made huge improvement on your accuracy by the end of the challenge, a lot of your earlier boxes have diverging lines from the VP, but later this improves. Just to give you an example to help you if you need it, here is an example of a box with the relation between the each line of one of the axes to the VP. Please refer to it if you need to ^^

Your hatching is nice and well-spaced but I think that you could try to make them a little closer together to get more lines in.

Overall, I think you have done really really well! Congratulations on completing the 250 box challenge!!

Next Steps:

Move onto lesson 2 :))

Good luck and pls reply if you need any help or need me to explain anything any more.

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4:19 PM, Thursday July 21st 2022

Hi Rosalinexo!! thank you very much for your comments and suggestions. I'll take what you said to try to push the next lessons even further, to explore more extremes.

Thanks again :)

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