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3:49 PM, Tuesday June 8th 2021

Lines: Your super imposed lines have fraying on both ends. The line should never fray on the starting dot. The student should place the pen carefully at the beginning of each line so this does not happen, The lines on the ghosted lines and ghosted planes arc a little, this might be because you are not using your shoulder enough, but if you are using your shoulder enough, i suggest arcing at the opposite direction

Elipses: I noticed that the elipses are very wobbly, i think this is because you are prioritizing accuracy over confidence, causing unconfident and rough elipses, also you forgot your funnel excersize.

Boxes: On the rotated boxes, some boxes are not rotating. On plotted perspective, the width lines should be parallel to the horizon line and the height lines should be perpendicular to horizon, here the lines also arc and wobble.

A huge problem that i am seeing in your work is that you are not that confident in drawing your lines and elipses. Yout lines arc and wobble a lot and your elipses are incredibly wobbly.

I recommend for the lines and eclipses is that when you ghost them, do it slowly, make sure your brain is warmed up to make the mark, and when you think you are ready, you execute it swiftly and dont think that much about your execution, even if the execution is not that accurate, dont worry, its fine as long as the line or elipse is confident. The goal of this part of the course is to improve your confidence in making marks, as long as you practice on confidence, accuracy and speed will come.

I am going to request revisions of all the exercises, since they all suffer from a lack of confidence.

Next Steps:

Repeat all the exercises in lesson one. Remember, confidence over accuracy.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:41 PM, Friday January 21st 2022

I agree with this review. The main problem seems to be the lack of confidence. Almost all lines look wobbly, so I think before moving to other exersices some practice is required to achieve confidence in mark maiking. This is probably the main goal of Lesson 1.

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