Imgur or google drive for homework submissions?

2:43 PM, Saturday September 10th 2022

ls it ok if I use google drive for homework submissions or do I have to use Imgur. because the lmages get deleted after a few days you can go weeks without getting a critique.

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6:35 PM, Saturday September 10th 2022

Both are allowed, though Imgur is preferred because it's easier to critique. That's more a concern for official critique though.

That said, things posted to Imgur do not disappear in a few weeks, or ever, so I'm unsure of how you got that impression. I've been using it for years to host diagrams I share with students in my feedback, and I still reuse links from years ago.

6:54 AM, Thursday September 15th 2022

ok crap. Our lord and saviour has come here to make me realize my stupidity. So, i think you know this I mean this is your website(thank you for creating this wonderful terrible website) when you submit a homework after a few days that little imgur icon thing changes and shows that your pics or someting are no longer available. And I thought the pics are deleted. But I didn't check it myself by clicking the link going to imgur itself. Turns out I'm dumb. Who knew am I right. And how dare you making me face my stupidity when you made me go through hell. Not talking acout the 250 box challenge though. Actually that was kinda fun. I'm talking about the textures. I mean how do you draw textures. I don't know. Ok I think I've wasted everyones time for long enough. Have nice day.

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