Fineliner/Felt tip pen question

1:44 PM, Thursday January 27th 2022

Hi Uncomfortable,

I have a question about the fineliner pens. I've been doing some other drawing tutorials with pencil and I started having problems with the way I hold the drawing tools. The pencil tutorials recommend drawing at an angle but my fineliners only work at 90 degrees. This is making it more difficult as I move forward in your lessons. Is it the type of fineliner pens that I have or is this just one of the differences between fineliners and pencil drawings?

Thank you,


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3:45 PM, Friday January 28th 2022

Each tool is used as per its own characteristics - so you definitely wouldn't apply tips you've heard in regards to drawing with pencils when drawing with fineliners. I actually explain this in greater depth in this section from Lesson 1.

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3:53 PM, Sunday January 30th 2022

Weird. My fineliners work at an angle just fine. Maybe it's an issue with a particular brand? I mean, sure, I cannot draw with the side of a fineliner but a slight angle is ok.

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