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1:27 AM, Monday January 16th 2023

First of all, your sausages look good. I see a lot of improvement in just these couple drawings. The leg shapes in all the insects are much better and solid looking.

The only problem that is left is with the line weight. The line weight is vastly improved from the scratchyness and I can see they are done with one single line this time, which is good! The problem is that they lack confidence and they are still wobbily and shaky.

When drawing the line weight, you want to do all the things you should do with every line you draw in drawabox, which is drawing from the shoulder, ghosting it, and drawing it quickly.

This will result in a line that strays from the original path. That is okay.

It is more important for every line you draw to be confident and smooth then to accurate.

Since we've gone this far, I feel as if we might as well go the full mile. I will request one more insect drawing, but any line weight should be drawn with one single, continuous line with no shake whatsoever.

If you practice drawing confident lines this way, you will eventually be able to make them accurate. But for now, they will likely stray from the path. If it strays, don't draw another one to correct it.

Next Steps:

1 insect drawing, no detail or shading, with line weight that is confident and not shaky. It is perfectly fine if the line weight strays from the line underneath, it as long as it smooth and confident.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
8:22 PM, Tuesday January 17th 2023
edited at 8:23 PM, Jan 17th 2023

I did the page attempting what you said

edited at 8:23 PM, Jan 17th 2023
7:29 AM, Wednesday January 18th 2023

Nice job!

This is exactly what I was looking for. its clean and confident, all the way through. You have done a great job here, you should be ready for lesson 5 now!

Next Steps:

Move on to next lesson!

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