Congratulations on finishing the 250-Box-Challenge and thanks for submitting, I'll be reviewing your homework. I hope my feedback helps you.

The praises:

You drew through your forms, and checked your mistakes. You linework was confident and accurate. Your lines are converging to a single vaninshing point. You drew boxes of various types (shallow +dramatic foreshortening). You drew your hatching lines confidently and on the face of the box that faces the figure

Great job!

Where you went slightly wrong

Of course you had improved throughout the challenge but some of your lines converge at a faster rate than the others resulting in converging pairs. This is mostly happening with your back corner lines.

The way I like to think about it, is not as simple parralal lines of a box, but as lines in 3d space that will all converge to a single point in the 'depth' of the page. It takes quite a lot of effort to force your brain to see the page, and the lines, as being within 3d spacen and not a 2d surface. But, making an active effrort to think in 3D will definetly help you guess more accurately at what angle your should draw your lines.

I also noticed that you redraw lines and scratch out entire boxes out as well - this is huge no. Fixing a line or a box just makes the drawing more messy, instead you should be more decisive and think about each line you put down - and if its incorrect, just move on. These are excerises, not artpieces.

Overall, I think you're ready for Lesson 2. Good luck!