250 Box Challenge

12:10 PM, Monday May 1st 2023

Tobbe - 250 Box Challenge - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/lgFkrNu.jpg

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I messed up counting somewhere but it got corrected as soon as I noticed it. Should still be 250 boxes. It's been a wild ride. Happy to see the improvement even if it's not as much as I would have liked!

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1:00 AM, Wednesday May 3rd 2023

Hello Tobbe!

I have taken a look at your work.

First off, congrats on finishing the 250 boxes! It is definitely a challenge you have to feel prouf of! So give yourself a nice pat on the back. ;)

Here are my two cents:

FIRST PAGES: (1-100)

  1. Extending lines in wrong direction.

  2. Lines not converging towards VP.

  3. Lines converging towards different points.

LAST PAGES: (100-250)

  1. Some planes converging to diferent VP: Focus on the form overall rather than lines or planes separately.

Overall, I noticed you pointed out your own mistakes as the challenge was going on. Like circling a wrong line or direction, so that's great! You are able to effectively notice your mistakes. So I don't have much critique to offer.

Final thoughts:

  1. Practice more foreshortening

  2. Your line extension improved!

I have just recently posted my own 250 boxes, so if you have time, would appreciate any critique!

Have a great day

Next Steps:

More forshortening! Keep being aware of your mistakes! and onto Lesson 2!

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11:23 AM, Wednesday May 3rd 2023

Thank you!

Was a really difficult challenge to go through, did around 6 boxes (somedays more) a day and it got a bit straining. However I am glad I got through.

I should have really focused a lot more on forshortening. I somewhat forgot about it after a while and I should have gone through the challenge page a few times more throughout. I will keep that in mind while doing this excercise as warmup.

Hope you have a great day too! I gave you critique too. Hope you will find that helpful.

11:38 PM, Wednesday May 3rd 2023

Heya! No problem! It is my pleasure :)

There's always things we can improve on, I'm confident you'll grow to be an amazing artist if you keep it up like this!

Thanks for critique!!!

12:02 PM, Thursday May 4th 2023

Right! You too! Take care and good luck :)

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