can i make some small silly doodles in the homework/warmup pages

8:22 PM, Tuesday March 19th 2024

when i was doing the drawabox homeworks i was pretty bored of doing the homework in half of my time i think i would feel fun if i have some written text or stickmans interacting with boxes or ride on them i would do it after im done with the homework can i do it i saw Mithrilda do it in the past !

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9:19 PM, Tuesday March 19th 2024

One of the arguments we make in favour of the 50% rule is focused on allowing each half of your time focus on a specific purpose. During the study portion, we focus on study, and during the play portion, we focus on play. It's very common to want to mix them together, and I can't strictly speak for cases where the student has things like ADHD - but in general, we find that doodling during the time you intend to spend on studying will cause you to shift some of your mental resources away from focusing on following and adhering to the instructions, and will make it more likely that your work won't be done to the best of your current ability.

Rather, if you find yourself losing focus or getting bored, it's better to set the studying aside for the time being.

4:33 PM, Friday March 22nd 2024

I agree with you, but maybe domt do it ON your homework, but perhaps on another piece kf paper.

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