How long is too long to draw a box for the 250-Box Challenge?

4:50 AM, Friday January 15th 2021

I spend 30 mins per sitting on the challenge, and I've never done more than 3 boxes per sitting. Am I overthinking things when I go about it, or...?

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5:34 AM, Friday January 15th 2021

It took me a bit more of a month and I was doing it in a good pace. You'll get faster the more boxes you draw naturally, but yeah, this challenge takes a lot of time.

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8:58 AM, Friday January 15th 2021

It took me 3 months and a half to finish the challenge, working regularly on it. Sometimes it took me an hour to draw 3 boxes, and I was exhausted at the end.

Looking back I don't regret it. It has been a bit extreme on my part and I'm not approaching the course so hard anymore, but still that challenge really changed me. Therefore I encourage you to go at your on pace, whatever it is. It's a precious mileage, get the most out of it.

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10:01 AM, Friday January 15th 2021

I did around 1h - 1h30 per stitting and it usually was 6-8 boxes per day. This challenge is a LONG one but I don't think you're overthinking or anything. You really need to take your time to check the convergences as you're doing the boxes.

It took me one month and half to finish the challenge doing boxes almost daily.

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6:30 PM, Friday January 15th 2021

I think so for 30 min one page front to back which is 12 boxes should be good I use to try to get perfect boxes every time but realized speeding up the pace will also help me and challenge me even more.

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2:47 AM, Tuesday January 19th 2021
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It took me over 8 months though I did take a break. 6 boxes in an 1 - 1.5 hour drawing session was pretty normal for me, and that's not including warmups etc. I was a litle worried I was going too slow but I heard Uncomfortable describe that time scale as not being abnormal in a video (not a tutorial), and even without rushing I was faster by the end.

Just remember the 50% rule.

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3:26 AM, Wednesday January 20th 2021
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It really depends on your capability tbh, I completed the 250 Boxes Challenge in less than 3 weeks, and I was pumping out at around 20 boxes per day at my peak. The reason why I can do this is that I just really enjoyed drawing the boxes + having a freak ton of free time. Just do it on your own pace, don't sweat it that much and you'll get there soon!

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10:54 PM, Friday January 22nd 2021

Don't get too confused about the different paces others have! 5-10 mins per box is totally fine if you wanna get it right and focus on it. Some people might get it done faster because they have more experience. I haven't started the challenge yet, but I would probably get each box done pretty fast because I did this regulary a year during university (architecture).

What I'm trying to say is.. Do it in your own speed. Don't compare with others too much.

Focus on it, don't rush. With time, you will get better and faster and it will come more easily :)

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11:07 PM, Sunday January 17th 2021

It had taken me around three months to complete, in a six month period because I stopped doing it for a while, and resumed it at the beginning of this year. Don't give up, it's worth it, no matter how long it takes. For me, the most difficult part was not doing the same box over and over. Good luck!!

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1:41 PM, Monday January 18th 2021

It took me ~2 months (submitted yesterday, yay!),.

I got progressively faster the more boxes I drew - it was one huge grind, but I can tell You - it works.

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4:31 AM, Friday January 22nd 2021

Took me about 3 weeks, but I was pretty focused on it. Aimed for 10 boxes per day at least.

I'd say it took me about 6-7 minutes per box, plus say 1-2 minutes to draw the lines at the end, so each of my pages of 5 boxes took about 35-45 minutes or so - so not so far off from your pace!

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