Congratulations on completing lesson 3! These are looking good.

Arrows: Good line confidence, and the spatial logic is solid.

Leaves: You have a nice variety, and understand how to twist and bend the leaves.

Branches: Again, it looks like you have the idea here.

Plants: These look good as well. I particularly like the construction of the bell shaped hyacinth and trumpet vine flowers. On occasion, the ellipses don't quite line up with the axes (see the bird of paradise stem), but overall it looks like you understand how to put these things together.

I have two main pieces of advice.

  1. Draw bigger. Fill the page as much as you can with your subject. Your constructions look good, but the small size does make them a little hard to read. Drawing bigger lets you use your arm more as well.

  2. If you want your work critiqued a LOT faster, go to the critique exchange on the discord server. You can do 5 critiques, then request that your work is added to a spreadsheet that gets priority. (You can read more info of the nuts and bolts of how it works on the pinned post.)