Hello Loople! I’ll be reviewing your submission. Before I begin, I want to make something clear- I am not an expert and will therefore not be able to give you the professional critiques that you would get from an official critique. In fact, I just completed my lesson 2 submission (and did not do nearly as well as you did IMO), and I am merely reviewing your work in the hopes that you will review my work as a favor in return (if you don’t want to, that is fine. However, it would be very much appreciated and having already reviewed yours, it doesn’t seem to take very long) and because Uncomfortable said that reviewing someone else’s work is good practice. However,

I will do my best to grade your work adequately!

Starting with Organic Arrows-overall, they all look good. You’re doing well to overlap your edges and the shading looks good. However, I don’t think you’re using perspective to show all three dimensions of space in some of the arrows as much as you can and should.

In Organic Forms with contour lines, your sausages look simple and great! However, for both pages, I noticed that the degree of the ellipses don’t seem to change all that much-they are all very similar. Additionally, for the page with contour curves, your curves are all a bit shallow-they don’t really hook around the form as they should.

Both of your texture exercises looked great to me. In the texture analysis exercise, you did well to show a transition from dense to sparse and you focused very well on cast shadows, and your dissections exercise was very good.

You did well in the form intersection exercise to draw believable shapes, except for the pyramids-I was having a little trouble figuring out what was the base and what were the sides. I also see definite improvement with the intersections throughout.

Your Organic intersections exercise was okay. I thought you did well with the cast shadows and drawing simple forms, but it felt like your forms lacked real solidity. I think this was because of the issue mentioned earlier in Organic Forms - the degree of your ellipses don’t change all that much. I think it was also because you stuck with doing only one set of contour lines rather than adding an additional set of contour lines that are almost perpendicular to the ones you have that show the curves of the form in a different way.

While there were some minor issues, overall, this submission looks really solid to me. All of your lines look confident and you showed improvement throughout the exercises. I would say that you are ready to move onto the next lesson!