Thanks for the patience I will be reviewing your hw. Right away I can say you don't have to post the pics in a word doc. It's probably better to submit the photos as is on imgur so we can see the whole image clearly and not have it be shrunk.

Superimposed Lines: There is some fraying at both ends, sometimes in the middle, but as far as I can tell there are no wobbly lines at all.

Ghosted lines: The main thing I see here is not only are lines not meeting up wiht their desginated dots, there is a quiet a bit of arching of the lines here too. Most likely due to not ghosting the lines beforeheand.

Ghosted Planes: It seems there is a lot less of the issues from before though still a bit of wobblness and not fully connecitng lines from one point to another.

Table of Elipses: I think overall you show a clear understanding here of the directions. Well done on this.

Elipses in a Plane: Altough a few break out of boundries or don't quiet touch all edges, you did draw through them and I feel what can be done to improve is a little more warmup of the shoulder to fix the small issues seen here.

Funnels: I feel here you show a clear understanding of the lesson. Well done.

Ploted persepctive: Nothing here that looks off so well done.

Rough Perspective: Although some of your boxes are a little wonky looking, the red lines don't go to the dot that is the vanishing point. Excellent.

Rotated boxes: A few of them definitly came out not quiet the same size as the others but overall I feel you passed this part.

Organice perspective: A few oddly shapped boxes but overall I feel you got what the lesson was teaching you. Good work.