Hello there! Congrats for going through Lesson 2, I hope you're ready for what's ahead of you. Here are of few humble comments regarding your assignment:

Organic Arrows :

Your arrows have a nice flow to them, they give a good sense of perspective as they come closer to the camera, and your lines are rather confident. You have to watch out for a few things though - at times it seems you're trying to avoid overlapping your edges where overlapping would make sense. Also, it looks like the line weight you're adding was done with a slow, delicate, wobbly line. Every line, even if it's just for line weight, should be ghosted and drawn confidently as per Lesson 1.

Organic Forms with Contour Lines :

You have a good grasp of how organic forms flow through space, and you're using your contour lines/curves well, with only one instance of misaligning your curves from your starting line. Sometimes the ends of these forms are drawn with multiple lines and are wobbly rather than spherical, mostly due to a minor axis that wasn't drawn confidently or just lack of paper space, so you may need to planify your forms better.

Texture Analysis :

You've done a great job with your texture exercises overall, with only a couple of observations: the gradients in your texture analysis aren't as consistent as they could be - there should be more transition in the middle area between the darker and lighter parts. Other than that, you might want to use less simple lines to convey shadows and use more shapes instead, especially in the darker area: https://i.imgur.com/M9JJfr4.png


These honestly look great,I have nothing to say other that just one case of misaligned ellipses in one of the forms.

Form Intersections:

A couple of things: although they miss their intended end point at times, your straight lines are very confident and have no wobble to them, props for that. Your boxes are mostly great with just a few examples of your lines diverging or not converging to the same vanishing point, nothing that some practice can't fix. Other than that, a few of your ellipses on your cylinders and cones aren't perpendicular to the minor axis, or the latter being angled differently than the overall shape in one instance. The most obvious thing, however, is that your spheres look like ellipses rather than circles, which unfortunately flattens them as well as the shapes they're interacting with.

Organic Intersections:

A few of my complaints from the Organic Forms exercise pop up here, but you've done a good job overall.

All in all, you've done a great job with this lesson, with a couple of things to watch out for. I recommend practicing your ellipses, your ghosting and your boxes some more as you're heading for the next lesson, but other that that, I think you're ready for Lesson 3!