Hello! I think you've done really well on this lesson! I have a couple of comments to make:

Your form intersections are really good! Just make sure to take extra care when giving them convincing looks in intersecting with one anothers' contours. For example, the top sphere in your third page appears to intersect with the top cube a little awkwardly, undermining it's curvature.

On your computer mouse, there are two lines that could both be interpreted as being the silhouette of the top of the mouse. Be a little more picky when you add clarity to the outlines on your forms- you don't want two of your lines to contradict each other.

Your hair dryer is really nice. I would have liked to see a little more definition (if at all) in its bodily planes. The way its body is constructed (and the way its silhouette looks) makes it look somewhat rectangular (like a tapered rectangle), and since it appears to be being looked at from above just ever so slightly, my brain is telling me that I should be seeing more of the top of the hairdryer. This is contradicted by the dryer's circular part (the one where the air comes out of), as that makes me think that we can't see the top n'or the bottom (as the top both the top and bottom lines of the circular part seem to be converging in opposite directions; one converging down and the other top; meaning that the top and the bottom should not be visible). The contradiction is enforced due to the fact that the point at which the body connects to the dryer's head looks flat. I can see that you've put a little shadow of sorts to help clarify the form. I think this would have done wonders if these shadows ran alongside the side of the form as a whole (kinda like contour lines), not just appearing to be placed exclusively beside the lines that you've made. Taking a little more time to make sure that the forms you carve from your bounding boxes and orthographics seem spatially connected will go a long way.

This might be an issue on my end (as I cannot see the reference you used), but the top of your robo-cat toilet looks as if it is tilting to the side rather than tilting backward. The lines converging leftward at the base of the toilet are different than the ones on the top, which seem to be converging to the right. This is an issue with the box, not your ability to create solid forms from these boxes.

Lastly, on your skateboard drawing, it seems as if you got a little confused with the spatiality of the wheels on the back. I think that it would've been better to have drawn another bounding box so you could get the wheels' ellipses to have a consistent perspective with one-another.

Overall, I think you did extremely well! You're able to create solid, believeable forms that are not only complex, but somewhat geometric, too. I even felt like I've learnt stuff from seeing what you did!