Super imposed lines

I see some minior fraying at the beginning remember when you are placing your lines make sure to slow down and place your pen in the same position. Overall these lines look good.

Ghosted lines

There is some wobbling and arcing lines. This singles to me you might be too focused on hitting the dot as opposed to making a confident line. Try to first make a confident line then move on to hitting the dot consistently.

Ghosted planes

These look good to me. I still see some wobbling so remember to slow down and ghost your lines a few times (3-8) before place them down.

Table of Ellipses

Your Ellipses aren't overlapping good job. I am noticing that some of your circles are not smooth. Again try ghosting a few more times if you see your lines losing smoothness


Some of your funnels have circles that are all the same size you seemed to have fixed later on but make sure to make them smaller as they go towards the center.

Ghosted planes with ellipses

Good these circles stay within the bounds. My suggestion to make the circles a bit smoother is to ghost them more times before placing them. For me personally when I did them I ghosted them about 10-20 times before I placed them down and that has been reduced to about 5 times as of today.

Rough perspective

I noticed some of the trouble you had doing this I had issues myself with this one too. One thing that helped me to get better at this was to first understand that only one set of lines should be converging towards the vp while the rest should be going straight off the page. I think this advice from my own reviewer was very helpful "Remember that the front and back planes of each one of them should have the horizontal lines parallel to the horizon and the vertical lines perpendicular to it." -Pedro Also remember to ghost your lines and draw from the shoulder to prevent the wobbling with your lines.

Rotated boxes

This one is hard as well. I think you may benefit from rereading the homework. but don't worry too much you'll get better with time

Organic Perspective

This one is also a hard one to do at first but become much easier after you do the 250 boxes challege. remember that the perspective lines of each face should converge to a specific vanishing point. I think what really helped me was to draw two dots per line, one that represents the correct ghosted angle to the vp and another that is for the juction between lines that still adhear to this ghosted angle I mentioned before.