Should i redo the homework before submitting?

6:08 PM, Sunday April 14th 2024

I have almost completed the exercises of Lesson 1 and, comparing the first exercises I did to my current warmups, I am in doubt if I should submit my first version of the exercises or if I should redo everything and submit an improved version which reflects my current level.

Thanks for your attention

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7:29 PM, Monday April 15th 2024

I would review this video from Lesson 0, as well as the section below it on grinding. We take a very firm stance in this course that students should not be deciding whether or not they ought to redo their work themselves, and instead rely on third party feedback to make that decision for them.

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7:23 PM, Sunday April 14th 2024

I think it'd be best to submit what you already did, so you can at least receive some feedback and tips before you redo any exercises.

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5:00 PM, Wednesday April 17th 2024

imho submissions of this type should reflect progress and directed drawing.

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1:22 PM, Sunday April 21st 2024

If you're okay with doing the homeworks over again, I think getting feedback on your current level of skill would be more helpful in your journey. Hope it helps!

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2:33 AM, Tuesday April 23rd 2024

Definitely don't redo everything before submitting. I would submit your first attempts, the whole point of these exercises is to see growth in your abilities. Worst case scenario, you will be asked to do a revision of any exercises that were done wrong. Your goal isnt to be perfect, you just need to give an honest attempt and follow the directions. Redoing everything will likely discourage you from moving forward in the course.

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