Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

6:29 PM, Thursday October 21st 2021

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8:09 PM, Sunday October 24th 2021

Hi, Ahmedhassan021. I'll be honest, I think you went full speed through the exercises without giving them much care. There are some things that are more or less consistent, like your ellipses in the Organic Forms or your boxes, but overall it looks like you didn't get the point of the exercises at all. You even copied the examples on the Organic Perspective exercise, twice. You clearly put in some time, but again, you didn't get the point of the exercises.

I don't know really why is that, your Lesson 1 looks pretty good, and your 250 Box Challenge, while it has some problems, it's nothing unusual. Maybe you got burned out, in that case, is okay to take some time off. This is not a race, there is no prize, except your own improvement, and that takes time and effort.

I think you have to go through the whole lesson again. Read all the material, watch all the videos again, make all the exercises again and take your time. To give you an example, the Texture Analysis exercise took me like one day per bar. The Intersections took me like a whole week, and I'm sure there are people for whom it look a lot longer.

If there are things that you do not understand, you can ask around on Reddit or Discord, there's a community that is always open to help you with any questions. But take your time, and make sure you actually understand what you have to do, before you make a mark on your paper.

I'd suggest that you take a look again at Lesson 0, just as a reminder. And try, if you can, to work on blank paper and be organized about it. Better leave those printed pages for warm ups.

That's it, hope you don't get discouraged. Good luck!

Next Steps:

  • Go through the whole lesson again, read and watch all the material, and do all the homework again.

  • Take your time.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
5:30 PM, Wednesday April 20th 2022
7:20 PM, Saturday May 7th 2022
edited at 7:23 PM, May 7th 2022

Hi. So, look. You are making the same mistakes again, because you're not following the instructions. Your sausages are still wobbly and inconsistent (and you didn't draw the first page of organic forms again either); your boxes are better, but the lineweight is excessive, and as it's said in the lessons, you should use it only on overlapping sections, and with subtlety.

The form intersections have wobbly lines as well, the cylinders and cones have no minor axis, there's no ellipse on the spheres, there are some forms that are not drawn through.

Your arrows are not made in the way they're supposed to. Looks like you tried to replicate what they should look like by eye instead of following the exercise, hence, hairy lines, forms not drawn through and most importantly, just two pages without applying the knowledge we're supposed to learn from them.

The organic intersections were made without care, that's evident from the incomplete shading. Your textures are the aspect that improved the most, but they are still too based on observation, like you're trying to replicate every single detail of the texture, instead of searching for cast shadows and working with implicit, not explicit detail, not to mention that there's not any transition from the black bar at the left.

My advise is the same as in the last revision, which was more than half a year before. At this point I would highly suggest that you start over again, from Lesson 0 onwards. If you do it, try to be thorough, read everything, understand everything, if there's something you don't understand you can ask here, on Reddit or on Discord. And once you do that, start the homework and do exactly as the lesson says. That's the way you're gonna get better following this course.

edited at 7:23 PM, May 7th 2022
10:46 PM, Saturday May 7th 2022

i am glad that you are my mentor really appreciate that sir okay if this what u want i will do it no problem ur words really made my day i was late because i am in school and i didnt want to mention how hard my life but still really appreciate this hope all your wishes come true

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11:07 PM, Saturday May 7th 2022

but i just want to get ur opinion i am between two choices continuing with other lessons for my self not get overwhelmed because i am looking forward to reach to other drawing lessons like drawing every day objects as i do this for my mental health or repeat everything from the begining as u said as it will be my job in the future as concept artist

i know u will said that there is 50% rule but drawbox also mention not to stuck at one exrecise do it once and return back to it and that what i was going to make i will return back

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